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Center for Access to QDROs

Our mission is to close the justice gap by providing access to high-quality QDRO products to nonprofit legal services organizations, self-help centers & qualified individuals in financial distress.

Grants obtained allow for the Center to provide FREE training, software, and mentoring.

Cutting Edge QDRO Technology

The Center has an exclusive license to use technology developed by QDROCounsel, LLC. With this software it is now possible to teach, train and support those organizations helping those in most need. Visit QDROCounsel

CLE Access for Non-Profit Legal Service Providers

Our primary goal is to increase the capacity among nonprofit legal service providers, court-based self-help centers, and other similar entities, to enable low and moderate-income individuals to claim their pension benefits in divorce.

Making Pensions in Divorce Accessible.

With training and mentoring for nonprofit legal service providers and court-based self-help centers, along with an exclusive license to drafting software, the Center for Access to QDROs is closing the justice gap to ensure that low and moderate income persons receive their entitlement to retirement assets in a divorce.

Goals and Outcomes with Grants Obtained

The goal is for grant participants to obtain funds for indigent persons

going through divorce. It is a mistaken notion that only people with money have retirement accounts. All too often, one of the parties in a divorce is employed having some sort of retirement account (e.g. 401k), but the other party is not aware of his/her rights to a portion of those assets or because of lack of access in the self-help centers and/or legal aid organizations is not able to obtain his/her marital or community interest in those funds because they need a QDRO!

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Our Commitment

The Center is committed to changing the current paradigm so the most vulnerable can get the critical help needed to prepare a QDRO without having to worry about the cost. With funding from grants, QDROCounsel and donations, the Center for Access to QDROs is able to ensure that low-income litigants actually receive the retirement benefits to which they are entitled - safeguarding an income that will allow them to live their older years with dignity.

The Center lifts people out of poverty with money that an ex-spouse is entitled to by law! Current funding includes 2022 and 2023 funding from the Legal Aid Infrastructure & Innovation Grant from the California Access to Justice Commission. But we have tremendous demand for our services which requires increased funding! Please help us make a difference with corporate or individual giving!

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