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FREE QDROs, SUPPORT, AND TRAINING provided through a grant from the California Access to Justice Commission

Thank you for your interest in the Dividing Pensions in Divorce Project!

Almost all nonprofit legal aid organizations and court-based self-help centers do not offer QDRO support. This paradigm is changing with this grant! All too often, one of the parties in a divorce is employed having some sort of retirement account (e.g. 401k), but the other party is either not aware of their rights or cannot afford a QDRO to access their marital share. Access to funds through a QDRO can make a significant economic impact on low to moderate income individuals.

If you participate in this Project, you will receive the following QDRO assistance:

Free QDROs: the Center has expanded the Project by providing QDRO services directly to eligible individuals. With a QR code, organizations will be able to refer litigants to the Center for free QDROs. After verifying income eligibility as established by the federal poverty standard, the Center will provide those individuals direct QDRO support. The Center will draft QDROs, joinders, notice of adverse interest, and judgment language.

Free QDRO Information Sessions: The Center will hold “QDRO Days” at participating nonprofit legal aid programs and court-based, self-help centers. QDRO Days will be comprised Center staff member(s) being available for a 2 – 4 hour block of time which will be dedicated to assisting staff of the participating entity work through their cases and/or by providing direct services to the individual litigants for their QDRO needs.

QDROCounsel Platform: All participants will have unlimited access to the QDROCounsel platform as well as help-desk assistance with any questions surrounding their use of the platform.

Education and Training: Bi-monthly 2-3 hours live Zoom training sessions on the following topics: (i) understand the types of retirement benefits; (ii) understand key QDRO issues including death, separate property interests, support, government plans and how to issue spot based on plan type; (iii) help create a system to identify litigants that need QDROs; (iv) how to integrate retirement benefits division into workflow; (v) what to do if a family law cases involves retirement benefits, including joinders and discovery; (vi) draft judgment language that protects litigants and provides for the division of retirement benefits; (vii) draft QDROs. Participants will also have access to the Learning Management System which includes the previously recorded training videos and materials from Year One, as well as over 14 hours of MCLE content.

Additional Support: Participants can request additional support in the form of one-on-one mentorship to assist them as they implement pension division into their workflow.

We look forward to working with you to ensure litigants get access to QDRO support!

To enroll in this Project, or if you have any questions, please fill out this form and our team will get back to you ASAP!


Thank you for your interest in the Project. Please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!