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QDRO service options for nonprofit legal service organizations and court-based self-help centers


The Center for Access to QDROs is committed to utilizing its technology and expertise to support courts and bench officers as they navigate retirement division in dissolution matters. Understanding the nuances of retirement division is crucial to making equitable, enforceable orders that are consistent with the court’s intent, Plan procedure, and federal law.

The Center is a nonprofit legal services organization providing legal information and document preparation, and does not form an attorney-client relationship with the litigants it assists. The Center provides QDRO assistance to multiple Self-Help Centers and Family Law Facilitator offices across the state.

The Center’s services to bench officers include providing explanatory memoranda about common retirement division issues, Plan research, QDRO drafting, and access to our expert staff on an as-needed basis, all without charge. Bench officers also can refer parties directly to the Center for QDRO services and information.

The Center is proud to be a service to the court that assists in the administration of justice in family law retirement division matters. Bench officers are encouraged to contact the Center at 909-686-1154 for more information about available assistance and to obtain Center brochures for litigants.

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The Center can help you with Joinders, Judgment Language, and QDROs.

Education and Training:

Live and recorded CLE training sessions on the following topics:

  • Understand the types of retirement benefits
  • Understand key QDRO issues including death
  • Separate property interests
  • Death and support issue
  • Government plans and how to issue spot based on plan type
  • How to integrate retirement benefits division into workflow
  • Including joinders and discovery
  • Judgment language for the division of retirement benefits
  • QDROs

As a non-profit organization, the Center for Access to QDROs (“the Center”) strives to maintain transparency and ethical practices in all our relationships, including those with for-profit corporations. In the interest of full disclosure, we would like to inform you of the financial relationship between the Center and QDROCounsel LLC, a legal technology company for retirement division (“QDROCounsel”). The Center has established a relationship with QDROCounsel in the form of a financial agreement. QDROCounsel has provided the Center with financial support by donating an exclusive license to use QDROCounsel’s technology and by providing the resources to support that technology. In exchange for this support, QDROCounsel receives recognition for its corporate social responsibly in closing the justice gap by providing access to high-quality QDRO products to nonprofit legal services organizations, self-help centers & qualified individuals in financial distress. The financial relationship with QDROCounsel does not compromise the integrity or independence of the Center’s non-profit's operations, programs, or decision-making processes. We adhere to our mission and values in all our activities, and we do not allow any donor, including QDROCounsel to influence our decisions or policies. The Center believes that our relationship with QDROCounsel is mutually beneficial, and it allows us to better serve our community and achieve our strategic goals.

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